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    Re: [RC] Global warming - Duncan Fletcher

    But the ozone layer issue has virtually nothing to do with global warming.
    The additional energy in the UV that is no longer absorbed in the
    upper atmosphere is insignificant as far as warming is concerned - if it
    were great, the upper atmosphere would have been much warmer than it was.
    Rather warming (to the extent that it is real - and while there is strong
    evidence, there are still some unknowns) is a result of the inability of the
    earth to radiate heat (in the infrared range) as a result of increase in
    carbon dioxide and methane which absorbs those IR wavelengths instead of
    letting them pass on into space.
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    From: "Snodgrass, Bonnie" <snodgrab@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    > Actually, my husband who works for NASA gets a real earful from all the
    > scientists that he works with. They have been measuring the quantity of
    > gamma photons penetrating our atmosphere over a number of years. My
    > works on one of these projects. It is a means to observing the changes in
    > our ozone layer. There are changes happening. Temps, rain and snow have
    > measured for quite a long time and glaciers and ice caps are currently
    > measured. There are changes occuring on a large scale. And the average
    > world wide have risen. Has this cycle happened before? Maybe. Is this part
    > of a 7-10 year cycle. No, it's bigger than that. Does your shorter cycles
    > still occur? Sure. Is the sky falling? Not yet! Going riding.
    > Bonnie Snodgrass
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    RE: [RC] Global warming, Snodgrass, Bonnie