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    Re: [RC] Going to Schellbourne? - DreamWeaver

    At 03:29 AM 5/22/2002 +0000, you wrote:
    Miranda enduracrew@xxxxxxxxxxx
    How many people are going to schellbourne? I am just curious, I want to know kind of what it's like.

    Here are the basics:

    1 basecamp
    5 loops, all 50 miles out of camp, in the mountains (it's a real pretty ride)
    Lunches included (at away check)
    they haul the crewbags out and back
    the shower trailer is in camp
    dinners are available
    Awards will probably be in line with the rest of this years xp awards -- if you pre-enter (can do that online at www.xprides.com ) you'll get a mug with the ride name/logo and your name on it. Another day will be a t-shirt with the ride logo, and so on. For all 5 days on the same horse a jacket. If you alternate horses, a vest or something. Embroidered.

    You were at Schellbourne last summer, weren't you Miranda....so you know what camp is like. hint: don't park where Ann may be delivering water <bg>. (I seem to remember somebody waving her arms and jumping up and down) :+D

    Hope to see you there! :+) I may need some help, so just what does a professional crew charge anyway? I actually don't need a regular crew-crew (I'm not used to it so it would throw me off), but if I make it I'll need a spare shoulder here and there (ha ha).


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