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    [RC] A Star is Born - Richard Theodore

    Hi everyone,
    Just thought I'd let you know that my mare Tygrs Starlight (10 yrs old)
    delivered a beautiful little filly on the morning of April 13th.  The
    morning after Mother's Day.  I put Starlight in the birthing corral Sunday
    night and low and behold at 6:10 on Monday, there was a little angel
    standing next to her.  The Sire, DR Thunderbask+// is the AERC highest
    mileage stallion.  Starlight has completed 2 - 50 mile rides and a few
    limited distance rides.
    I would like to thank Jeff & Cheri Briscoe of Tehachapi, Ca for Donating a
    breeding to
    DR Thunderbask to the Mariposa County 4-H Equine Project silent auction held
    at the Mariposa
    "Run For The Gold" Endurance ride on July 1, 2000.  I was not the high
    bidder but, the gal who was decided not to breed her horse. I bought the
    breeding from her and took Starlight to Tehachapi May, 2001.
    I am still in shock things went so smoothly as Starlight was a maiden mare.
    Starlight did not quite get with the nursing program on her own fully, until
    about 4:30 PM.  I milked her and bottle fed the foal about every hour until
    noon.  From then on as long as I would stand next to Starlight, she would
    let the foal nurse and not step around in circles.  Anyway I was happy I did
    not have to get up througout the night.  By the way.  I misplaced the
    bottles for nursing and in order to get the needed colostrum in the foal, I
    grabbed a Warner Springs Ranch water bottle I picked up at the horse Expo
    last year and it worked great.  It was especially easy to milk the mare
    because the mouth of the bottle is quite large.  The foal had no problem
    sucking on the bottle just like we do when we need a drink.  We are thinking
    of names and one possibility is  "Starlights Mariah By Thunder".  She has 3
    white feet with a small amount of white above the coronet band and the left
    front is black.  She also has a small white star on her forhead, just like
    her mom.  Her mane and tail are black and the rest of her is a mousy
    charcoal kind of color.
    She is georgous!
    Also, the Mariposa "Run For The Gold" will be run on June 29th.  This year
    the Mariposa Mountain Riders, our local riding club, will be in charge.  It
    should really be a fun ride.  The mileages have changed and will be a 25
    mile limited distance and a 50 mile endurance.  This is a great training
    ride for the Tevis. The good thing about the Mountain Riders running the
    ride is I get to ride this time.  I will be riding Starlight's mom, Kisha
    (23 years old) on the 50.  I'm  looking forward to seeing you on the trail.
    Mary Darlene Theodore
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