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    [RC] Saddle Fit!!!!! - Long - Garner

    The white hairs usually indicate too much pressure.  It is a symptom that
    the saddle doesn't fit properly.  I was raised on a cattle ranch & can
    recall many horses with a white patch or two on the withers or back.
    I purchased a used Boz saddle last year.  I used it for a month before I
    purchased it.  No sign of trouble until about 5 months had gone by.  I
    couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the spots.  There had no signs of
    soreness.  I immediately quite using the saddle, borrowed a friend's
    Orthoflex & started the great saddle search again.
    I had noticed he seemed to resist cinching, but not too bad.  However, in
    looking back, that was probably the tip of the iceberg.  I've been using an
    Orthoflex on him since last September, and he doesn't move around when
    cinching & the white hairs disappeared with his summer coat.
    I'm sure he was in pain & it just hadn't gotten to the point that he would
    buck, pin his ears, or start to do poorly on rides yet.  I loved the Boz.
    It was the most comfortable saddle for me, but my horse loves the
    traditional Orthoflex.
    The white hairs are a sign, so good luck.  I've used 3 saddles on my horse.
    I can't afford expensive saddles, just keep your eye out for used.  You can
    pick up some great bargains, for a third of the price of a new saddle.  I
    have a friend that bought a used Tucker for $600.00.  It was only used once
    or twice.  It is beautiful!
    Kathy Garner & Taz
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