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    patti gene@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I have a saddle I bought for my mare last year. It looked like it fit her when I got it,she moved so much more freeley!! Now she has white spots behind her shoulders!!! After I ride, I check her back to see if it is sore and she never acts like it. The hair behind her shoulders gets roughed up looking, but she dosen's act like it hurts. My saddle seems to roll side to side a little bit and I got a nonslip deal to put under the pad and now it dosen't roll and her back looks great when I take it off. The hairs don't look messed up when I use this under the pad but I don't think she likes it under there because she has bucked a couple times when I used it. Should i just use it until she gets used to it and how do I know that it is not hurting her just because the hairs look good? I know it does not fit well because of the white hairs, but it took so long for this to show up how will I know if a new one fits well and do the white hairs go away? I am frustrated with fitting saddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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