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    [RC] Mt. Adams to Ft. Howe - Stephanie Irving

    Forwarding this by request:
    "Darolyn Butler here... just arranged to have my horse transported up there [Mt. Adams]
    yesterday.... couldn't make the haul myself & was waiting for an opportunity
    to haul with someone else.  tracy Hoskins will be bringing him up...save
    me a spot in the 100 mi FEI portion.  I will get entry in ASAP.

    Also, I need to catch a ride for horse over to the ft. Howe ride.  My
    husband will be bringing our rig to it a week later & that's how he will get
    home to TX... so just need a ride over from Mt. Adams to there.  Can u put
    out the word for me... to entries that might be making that trip over
    afterwards?  Thanks so much." 
    If anyone can help her out, please email her directly, mailto:darolyn@xxxxxxxxxx