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    Re: [RC] Breaking my heart - amber applegate

    I have turned breeding farms in many times, read what I said.......if there
    is food and water, they don't do a damn thing. My best bet is to expose this
    asshole. The industry will take care of him, hopefully.
    I sent this post out to many lists, and most are Gaited Horse lists, and
    believe me, they will be emailing me to find out this guy's name. There are
    lots of things that the other women and I are doing, to save these  horses.
    Calling the Humane Society is not on of them, for the reasons I mentioned
    > I just want to tell people on the list, without naming any names, that
    > yesterday I went out looking for a TWH for future endurance. I went to
    > ranches, and what I saw has left me reeling in disbelief.
    > I have never in my life seen so many neglected, abused and starving
    > I took a woman that has been showing and training TWH and other gaited
    > horses for 30 years, her credentials are impeccable, along with her we
    > picked up another very long time Gaited horse person.
    > We left everyone of these ranches, save one, in shock. And the worst one
    > left the three of us speechless. Down in a dark, dank dungeon, and I can't
    > even give you enough of a visual to actually put into your mind the
    > of it, Think of it as an Auchwich,(sp) for horses, stood this one time
    > champion stallion, the sire to my Cruiser, once offered $100k for, in the
    > most unsurreal conditions imaginable.
    > This person did  not know we were coming, we didn't know we were coming,
    > just so happened that one of the ladies mentioned that this breeder lived
    > right where we were traveling and I was so excited as I have never seen
    > stallion, but of course had heard so much about him. He was the Premier
    > NorthWest stallion to breed to.
    > And he was sire to my horse. So with camera in hand we knocked on his
    > I asked to see the stud and take some pictures for Cruisers album. He
    > white, stammered and finally said I would really rather you not.
    > Well, now you all know me, I wanted to see this guy. So I persisted as
    > I can, and agreed not to take my camera but just wanted to see this
    > "magnificent, famous, Nationally known stallion" He relented, but it was
    > obvious that he was not happy.
    > He kept showing us everything but the Stallion. Like his fleet of restored
    > cars worth big bucks, but he can't worm his horses. I now was determined
    > that I was not going to leave until I saw him.
    > Before going down to the torture chamber, we were able to see his pasture
    > mares, and that was shocking in it self. Wormy, skeleton, feet so long and
    > broken that it was a wonder they could walk. We saw one "Mare" that I
    > have guessed at being a yearling, she was three years old.
    > Finally, and I mean finally, he took us down the stairs into this cobweb
    > infested ammonia stinking chamber of horrors, and there in the very back
    > with no light, no windows, nothing to see, stood this once Princely
    > weaving like crazy in a shit infested 10x10 stall.
    > I swear, the three of us were stunned, beyond words. No wonder he didn't
    > want a camera down there. This jerk, and that is the best I can say of
    > has over 100 acres of green pasture, Why would he do this to a horse that
    > made him so much money, that he spent so much money to promote, Hauled to
    > Tennessee to show and promote, and this stallion wasn't the only one,
    > was another grand stallion who is also famous in even worse physical
    > condition. across the chamber from this one.
    > We left there with our stomachs in our throats. All the way home, we
    > have the words to describe what we saw, and why we had to see something so
    > horrific. I am still reeling and so are the other women.
    > But you know what, if the Humane Society were called, they wouldn't do a
    > damn thing. After all there was food and water in the urine and crap piled
    > stalls.
    > And if anyone wants to know who this Hitler is, just email me privately. I
    > have no qualms about exposing him. It was heartwrenching to say the least.
    > I suspect that the perpetrator shot himself last night, he was clearly
    > shaken that we saw what we did. And if he didn't shoot himself, I wish I
    > could do the job.
    > I just don't understand these "horse people" If they don't give a damn
    > their horses, for god sakes, GIVE them to someone that will take care of
    > them or euthanize them.
    > If only he could spend just one week in that coffin. His was the worst,
    > all were so bad. I came home with no horse. My guys sure don't know how
    > they have it, and I am glad that they will never experience it.
    > amber
    > Sorry, I just have to vent. It was beyond anything that I can describe in
    > this post.
    > amber
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