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    [RC] SouCal: 19 Arabians going to be auctioned off this Tues... - Wrecksduke

    Just FYI
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    Subject: Fw: H.O.R.S.E. 19 Arabians going to be auctioned off this Tuesday
    in CA
    > This is a crosspost.  Dorann knows I'm sending the information out.  She's
    > seen the horses and knows them.  The have been taken over legally for back
    > boarding fees.  She doesn't expect the horses to go for more than meat
    > prices.  Please pass the information along.
    > Dear Arabian Lovers
    > I have just come home from looking at a group of 19 Arabian horses. They
    > located in Pico Rivera, CA.  They have gone through a court case and the
    > auction of these horses is going to be Tuesday night at 5 PM.  As of today
    > the papers were not yet relinquished.
    > I looked up the horses by the owners name.  I was shocked to see that one
    > the horses that is there is a Khemosabi daughter that I trained as a young
    > horse. There is a Dreamazon son, a Dreamazon daughter.  They are all
    > extremely typey horses.
    > This sale has not been publicized.  The people at the barn have no idea
    > they have.  Thus my fear is that Leonard, Slim(The Killer buyers) and
    > are going to buy up these horses.
    > I do not believe any are broke to ride save the Khemo daughter (I broke
    > as the owner "did not believe in riding horses, for religious reasons.
    > Could everyone please get the word out.
    > The horses are located at the "International Equestrian Center" in Pico
    > Rivera.
    > To look them up on the Arabian CD, contact me and I will give you the
    > name. The horses range in age from 10-21.  There is also a bay mare that
    > ancient that was rescued by this lady and has no papers.
    > Again the papers are supposed to be available Monday.  The horses have
    > legally taken over by the boarding stable.
    > Please if you can notify enough people.  These are some gorgeous and sweet
    > horses. Again this sale is going to be THIS TUESDAY at 5 PM (Not a great
    > or time to have a horse sale).
    > Thanks
    > Dorann
    > BonnFrye@xxxxxxx
    > This facility goes by two names....The International Equestrian Center,
    > The Pico Rivera Equestrian Center at Bicentenial Park.
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