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    Re: [RC] electrolyte before rides - RDCARRIE

    I'm sure folks with more experience with me will respond, but I start 
    pre-electrolyting (is that a word???) my horse a couple of days before a 
    ride, as well as loading him up with extra-large meals of soaked beet pulp 
    (he gets beet pulp twice a day anyhow, I just increase the amount starting a 
    couple days before a ride).  The e-lytes encourage him to drink lots of 
    water, helping him to be nice and hydrated when he gets to the ride.  Same 
    with the beet pulp...it's a nice reservior of water sitting in his intestines 
    that he can draw on.  I think Susan G. said something about how what a horse 
    eats Thursday evening will be in his gut to draw on Saturday during the ride, 
    or something like that (and I *know* she said it a lot more eloquently).  My 
    horse is so water-logged now when he arrives that he practically sloshes when 
    he walks.  <G>  Does great on all hydration parameters during the ride, 
    though...he's like a big hairy sponge.  Never stops drinking and peeing.  :)
    Dawn in East Texas
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