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    [RC] The Pryamid in Kentucky - goearth

    Hello,  There is No Financial Consideration on this endorsement.  Bloomsbury Arabians of Orange Va.  will be taking 4-5 Horses to Kentucky for this Show.  Stop by and visit with the most beautiful  Lady i have ever met.  The Honorable Helen Marie Taylor and her Trainer Jim Stassis  would love to take the time to show their Beautiful Eqyptian Arabian Horses.  They'll leave behind a barn full of Black Stallions.  I can't keep them all straight as i only see them in coming and going as i work as the gardner.  There is a young BIG Colt named Ramses who won't make the trip i took a fondness too but i already have too many.  He's real nice and seems to have a cool head and long legs.  Mrs. Taylor is so facinating to me in her Beauty and Elegance and Love for the Arabian Horse.  She also was an Actress and attended the Royal Academy in London.  I share her passion for history and she owns Lee's Camp where R.E.Lee spent the winter of 1863-64 with 60,000 Troops after their defeat at Gettysburg.  I appreciate a nice horse and beautiful Ladies and she is a Beautiful Lady with Beautiful Horses.  So, if you get a chance stop by and chat and meet someone who you will always remember.  tom sites