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    Re: [RC] What a ride! - Bob & Amber Roberts

    >story short, the guy had died, probably a heart attack.? When I saw there was
    >nothing I could do, all alone out in the middle of nowhere with no cell
    >phone, ..? I have always hated cell
    >phones.? Found them intrusive when others use them, distracting, not to say
    >expensive.? But I am considering getting one now.?

    When I read your message, the first thing I thought was "Where was her cell phone?"  Please get one if you ride alone!  Also, if you are alone, don't carry it in a fanny pack on your back.  I went off my horse (while riding with friends), was carrying a cell phone in fanny pack, landed on my back 2 mo. ago and am STILL in pain from it.  Dr. says it will take 12 mo. for recovery and that I am extremely lucky because he has a male patient in his 20s with same type injury who will eventually have bowel and urinary incontence from the injury!  I'm typing this as a warning to other riders who ride alone.  Carry the cell phone but find a safer place to carry it.  When I ride with friends, my cell phone will no be back on my horse because he won't leave a crowd if I part company.

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