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  • - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    Re: [RC] Recurring colics - MarisR

    I had a similar problem with my daughter's Morgan mare, who colic'd every 4 weeks for 3 months. Her problem started two days after we brought her home last February, when it was unusually cold for Florida. The first time I called out the vet, and he tubed her with oil, gave her IV meds, and she was fine.  The second time I gave her banamine, walked her for an hour or two, and she was fine. 
    The third time she recovered with just walking for a couple of hours, but I finally gave up and asked the vet what our options were, as this was not something that the previous owner had ever seen her do before.  Her diet was good, she had free access to good hay, clean water and salt.  I gave her Ivermectin paste the day after she arrived.   
    The possibilities we came up with were ovulatory problems (because of the timing), parasites, and ulcers.  What we ended up doing was a Panacure purge for 5 days, then double dose Ivermectin, then double dose Strongid for 2 days.  I also at the same time started her on the beet pulp (soaked) that my other horses get.  No problem since.  We never did the ulcer treatment, because the problem hasn't recurred.  I unfortunately can't tell you which one worked, because I did both at once.  I'm tempted to think it was the wormer course that fixed it, but I do feed beet pulp with every meal, and I have had no other digestive problems for 3 years.

    Maris Ramsay