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Plaster Cast For Saddle Fit

I had a new experience tonight. I just got back from making a plaster cast (mold) of my horses back. I am then going to make a fiberglass "back" and use that to send to the saddle fitters so the saddle can be correctly altered to fit better. It actually was pretty fun to do and didn't take too long to do with one other person.
I bought a saddle (Tucker)off the rack and it took me three rides in it before I could see that the saddle didn't fit. I called the manufacture and they will adjust it for free. Yippee! I know that just because a saddle is custom or semi-custom, there is no guarantee of fit. I'll take my chances. Anyways, it is pretty interesting to see my horses back, asymmetrical and all.
Lauren & Allan Horn
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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