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Horse Fair ideas, wants, needs and date

Carla Lawson
Again Logan County is haveing the Horse Fair here in Russellville
Kentucky, Don I expect to see ya there!
I am trying to come up with some ideas for clinics
we are having Charles Hall coming back to speak about NB trim and maybe
navicular problems. There is alot of horses that are not set up right or
are set up to the owners directions and not the natural ones. I would love
to get an equine chiropractor and perhaps someone with TTouch. If anyone
knows of anybody in this area or may be in this area March 16th send them
my email and this note. I am in Russellville Kentucky We are about 30 min
from Bowling Green and 45 min from Nashville Tn. I would like to extend
the invitation to all. But I understand this is near so close to those
spring rides we all itch for.  4H will be doing breed demonstrations, and
some other demonstrations. I would like to have ideas about clinics. I am
looking for ideas that can help the youngsters and adults as well. What
are some of the things that you see wrong that some people do when
handling, saddling and ect of horses? Our vets and feed suppliers will be
on hand as well and are looking to me to what they need to speak about.
Last year it started at 10am and was scheduled to be done by 2pm we
finished at 6pm.. had a blast and throughly enjoyed ourselves.
contact me via or
or home/office/fax 270-725-9900 lv message
Carla *going to invest in running shoes again.*
Ansata (do i have to go and be gazed at again?)
Haley (ohh a chiropractor just what i need)
Rob (going to get 3td mortgage applications filled so we can do this)

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