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Separation Anxiety (Mine!)

Well, I'm trying really hard not to bug my trainer, but Ash
has been gone for a little over a week and she has e-mailed
me twice, I've called twice and ran into her at the grocery
store! (Honestly, I'm not stalking her!) Ash, if anyone
recalls, is the 5 year old, just gelded, polish/russian
(Pyatigorsk/Probat/*Alka/Kuhlailan Lady Grandson)arab with
the great legs! He would barely let you halter him or pick
up his feet when I first got him in June. Well, to update
everyone, Leanne (at my grocery store incident) let me know
she had been on him twice, no bucking. The 1st time being
led at a walk around the indoor arena and then at a walk on
the longe line. The second time a crowd had gathered at the
stable, awaiting the rodeo event they were sure was to
follow and Leanne said she was proud to dissappoint them.
He walked and trotted on the longe line with her on him and
not a single buck. Has had some issues with his mouth, she
thinks maybe he'd had a stud chain or lip restraint used,
but was much better after the first week. I know he hated
you to put a finger anywhere near his mouth. Also hated his
left ear touched, although he was much better at that by
the time she picked him up. (Little cowboying going on I

Can you all tell I'm excited by his 1 week report card?
Even though he was basically a wild horse when I got him, I
have a great feeling about him! I can't wait to see some of
you at the PNW rides on my new boy!!! He's the good looking
one with the knee high black legs and the forelock that
goes almost to the end of his snippy nose!!!

Heidi-aerc#M20935  /\_/\~
                 ~~/~~  \\~~~~   (Wildlife/Western & Equine
                  /   O> ) \~~~~~    Art)
                 /    __/   \~~~~~~
                (_@_/  |     \~~~~
                       |      \~~~~~~
                       |       \~~~~

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