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Re: RE: Good Places to Live

> True, but if you are trying to get away from urban sprawl, Nevada is not
> place to come to.  Both Reno and Las Vegas are in the top 10 for fastest
> growing cities in the country and unlike Boulder, which has made some
> efforts to control growth, in the Reno area, Washoe Country never met a
> devlopement that they didn't like.  In fact, the Comstock Ride and and the
> NASTR ride are both threatened because of this.  Nevada is a great place,
> but sprawl is ruining it.  :-(

Ah, but there's lots of Nevada that isn't Reno or Las Vegas!  I'm pretty
happy with Idaho, but there are some really out-of-the-way places in Nevada
that are awfully nice.  Of course, making a living there could be difficult,
which is likely why they AREN'T growing....


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