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Marin Watershed turkey sightings wanted.....

Hello out there in the Watershed....

I hope you are enjoying the green hills, running falls and wet trails of
the Marin Watershed and surrounding areas...

I am preparing an article on turkeys in the MMWD watershed and am trying
to gather current information.  I am interested in any sightings in or close
to the Marin Municipal Water Districts areas. (I will include bordering
ranchlands in my survey). If you've noticed any this past summer to present
can you please drop me a line and tell me how many turkeys you saw and where?

Tell me if it is ranchland or parkland and around when. Give me your
perceptions on if the turkeys are out of control, just right or not there.

Thanks and stay in touch for my turkey article in the next Trail Guardian!
(oh boy, how is that for commitment?)

If you havn't checked it out yet please visit:

 for past articles and SF Bay Area open space contacts & information.

Take good care!


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