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We get ribbed a lot in our area about our Arabs, especially when we are team penning (forget about what's said when the neighbors see us coming down the road in our tights and helmets and sponges hanging off the saddles!)... I just refer them to one lady's comment who admitted to me she couldn't own an Arab because she would NOT own a horse that was smarter than she was!  :)  In reading some of this thread (mostly because I see my friends Jan and Carolyn having a discussion without me!), there is one thing I would like to say... in ANY breed, in MOST cases, the PEOPLE make the horse.  By this, I mean, that a lot of socializing and early work can make the difference between a sweet tempered horse and a nasty tempered one.  Not always...there are those that seem to have an attitude that you just can't do anything with.  We have one and have had her since she was a baby.  Her baby had a bad attitude...I didn't have the time to spend with her that I thought necessary so she now lives with someone who DOES have it.  And then we have the occasional horse who simply does choose "their" person as opposed to the horse who is happy to see everyone and anyone as long as there is a petting involved and maybe a carrot!  :)  I have both kinds.  Anyway, just had to jump in here!  Hey, Jan, did you hear?  The Wolverine is still on!!  :)

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