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PNH and communications

I think that the more knowledge , information and skills that one can 
develop to communicate with your horse  ...the better. All those "Horse 
Whisperers" have something to say that might apply to you and your 
situation. You can't have too many tools in your tool box when you need 
to fix something. I came into this sport ignorant as a new born babe. I 
didn't even know you had to know anything special to ride a horse...just 
giddyup and whoa. I had fallen in love with a four year old green broke, 
just gelded arab. Boy! did I have a lot to learn. But, I'm not a 
 believer or follower of anyone or any method...I just like to gather 
information and draw my own conclusions.
I think the PNH stuff is great. I think John Lyons is great. and lots of 
the others too.
Anything you can do to better communicate with your animal is good for 
the future.
I just got a mule and have to start learning mule communications. I've 
done a PNH clinic with her and sent her to a mule trainer in Arizona.
Communication is a complicated process...just look at how well we do it 
 (don't do it) with each other and even when we speak the same language 
we never know if we are meaning the same thing or not.
We, as humans haven't been doing this communication stuff very 
long...just fell out of the tree the other day and are still trying to 
figure out what's going on.
I say: try everything and develop your own style, but never think you 
are done.

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