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Re: RC: Breed bashing? Not.

There is something to the idea of being able to  speak frankly about the pros and cons of not only breeds but of even particular lines, since this sport demands a higher level of ability and quality than, say, western working horse :) or even hunter jumpers.  Certainly denigrating them on thei rown merit - or lack of - is not productive; but in the end, if someone asks about the prospects of a certain lien, breed or even horse, being less than frank is not only diishonest but also could end up being costly and detrimental to both horse and rider. Truth to tell, I would NEVER recommend either a Warmblood of any kind nor a Quarter horse for this sport (understanding that there are some who compete well on a few) because Joe Blow is going to TAKE that answer to the bank and weight it when he goes to pay good money for a distance prospect.  At teh same time, if asked, I would decline to recommend some Arabian lines either because of known breeding faults or because in some cases, those lines have not proven themselves out to be athletic at ALL.  I think it is to teh detriment of the sport not to discuss teh best possible choices, since it demands so very much time, quality and even money. Takes as much to keep a horse who is emminently unqualified as it does a hrose who is. Good decision making cannot be done if oen is uninformed. A little humor about it? Sure. Beign caustic? Probably not so much:)!
San (who has HAD a few who are NO PROSPECTS!)

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