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Re: RC: Re: Appys..nasty streak???

In a message dated 1/7/02 5:45:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< I do have to say that
 evey darn one I have ever met has somewhat exhibited what people call "appy
 attitude!".  But, that is something I LIKE! >>

Maybe I'm feeling sensitive because this really chumpy girl kept insulting my 
Appy gelding and then, when she was ordered by the vet to help me load (with 
me saying over and over "No, I can load him,") she proceeded to smack my 
gelding hard even though I told her not to touch him.  He's 16.2 and when she 
hit him, he flung his head up and smashed it on the trailer ceiling.  Anyway 
. . .  My Appaloosas, except for the one, have all been very mellow and kind 
and even that one is very affectionate with her new person.  All have been 
very sensible and surefooted.  They are, however, incredibly smart and tend 
toward expending the bare minimum of effort.  My Appaloosas spook at almost 
nothing, possibly because spooking would require additional effort.  My poor 
Appaloosa colt I mentioned above was so scared at the vet's that his whole 
body was shaking, but all he did was lower his head and tuck his head under 
my arm to hide his eyes.  He didn't spook or stomp around or jig.  Appaloosas 
are cool!


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