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Trailer Loading

I haven't caught up with the digests yet, so maybe someone
has suggested this already.

What could be happening with an ex-show mare that all the
sudden doesn't want to load is the quality of the trailer.  I've
noted that inexpensive rattle-trap trailers are nerve racking
for horses who are used to sleek more expensive trailers that
are solid and offer a better ride.  An economy trailer just can
not offer the suspension and solid reinforcement of the more
expensive better built trailers... that extra money should be
buying something.  To the horse it's a quieter smoother ride
and more solid footing.

Just a thought...

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM
ps... I only own an economy slant load and I can tell that Blue
much prefers the 4-Stars two of my friends own.  Magnum, on
the other hand, doesn't care.  Nothing like an ex-racer!

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