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Re:A-rabs and Apps

Arabs and Appaloosas choose their owners/riders.

They'll pick one person and while they'll let other people ride them, for
that one person they'll do anything.

With Arabs I've noticed it takes an average of six months before they'll
give you their heart.   I've seen Apps do it in minutes.

It took me six months to get my Arab, Ryk's,  attention and it took me ten
minutes to get my App, Spot.

I've got a app/colorado rangerbred who is *not* the horse for me, although
I've tried so hard, it's obvious that he needs much more than I can give
him.  For the right person, this horse will win anything he's pointed at.
Now I just need to find that person and hope they have cash.  :)

Apps and Arabs are the smartest (IMHO) of the breeds, that's why farriers
usually hate them.  They don't suffer crap willingly for just anyone. 

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