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Re: RC: Mare pins ears

In a message dated 1/5/02 9:23:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< My mare pins her ears whenever I ask her to trot or canter, not only when 
 use leg aids, but also if I only use a voice cue.  She seems to do it more 
 the arena than when on trail.  I have just had her teeth floated and changed 
 to a saddle that fits her well.  Her back is no longer sore when I palpate 
 it.  So what is it?  A bad attitude, or memories of pain?  How can I 
 encourage her to stop it?  

My gelding does the same thing. He has a resentful attitude when working in 
the arena when I ask him to canter. He is better now, but it is still there. 
He is more than happy to canter out on the trail. No pinned ears at all no 
matter what I'm asking of him. <g>
It could be remembered pain, but more than likely it is just the attitude 
I think it was John Lyons that said, "There is nothing like an arena to suck 
the go out of a horse."
On the other hand, I have another horse that much prefers the arena to the 
open trail. <sigh>


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