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Dip Lucy passes away...

It is with great sadness that I let folks know that Virginias' favorite trail builder and ride manager, Dip Lucy, quietly passed away last night from complications related to congestive heart failure. 
Dip has been a role model for many of us.  He was close to 90 and had ridden up until the last 2 years.  He was into the Arabian show scene for many years, and when he reached what he considered the top (a championship at Scottsdale), he decided it was time for he and King to pursue other interests - Endurance!.  From fine harness to the Old Dominion.  Those were the days when you started endurance doing 100's. King and Dip finished their first attempt only to fail the final vet check.  Not to be put off Dip was back the next year and the dynamic duo placed in the top 10.
From there Dip went on to form an alliance with the Graves family and the Shenandoah National Park that allowed him to construct over 50 miles of trails in the mountainous terrain just south of the OD ride.  It was here that he served as the manager for over 100 rides sanctioned by ECTRA, AERC and NATRC beginning in 1974.  Many of today's top riders gained experience at these rides which were known for being very challenging.  After many years of helping him on the trails,  I was honored when in 1994 he took me under his wing and helped me learn the art of ride management.  Together he and I put on the last two ECTRA rides at Graves Mountain in 1994 and 1995.  These trails are now heavily used by both pleasure riders and as training trails by serious competitors.
Dip is survived by his daughter who has taken over the care of all of his retired endurance horses.  King, Dip's favorite partner, died just a year or two ago (in his mid-30's).  His other horses range in age from 17 to 30'ish are still around.  Talk about endurance!
He did more for trailriding in Virginia than most folks will ever know....We'll miss you Dip....
Sally Aungier
For those of you who keep your old Trail Blazers, see the July/Aug 1995 issue for a profile of Dip's adventures.

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