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Re: RC: horse buying guarantees

> I know of several breeders that do the guarantees too. My >>personal >
favorite is Anita Messenger of LM Morabs. She will take them back in
trade  for  another horse (she is the Baskins >>Robins of horses) at any
point  that it 
> doesn't work out,

Not saying *anything* about this particular person. Don't know her at
all...but on the concept of tradeback at any time. Be careful! I've spent
a lot of time helping people pick out horses and I'm vary wary of these
type guarantees. The ones I've dealt with would sell people a horse with
this sort of guarantee, then when they weren't happy and brought it back,
they had another there "but he's a little more expensive".  They want the
first horse gone bad, and this one is really clean...maybe body clipped!
So they dish out another $500 only to get home and find out *that* one's
got problems...back they go.  Personally, if I've got a darned good horse
I don't have to offer money back. They'd better get him quick before
somebody else does.  I have bought good horses back from buyers who
turned out not to be as good as they thought they were, but I'm usually a
pretty good matchmaker.  I try to avoid helping buyers that have that
"mall mentality" where they want to go somewhere with a good selection
and return policies etc.  The best horses I've bought were being used by
individuals and they didn't pass them on to a dealer to sell.  Again,
this has nothing to do with the original breeder mentioned.  That just
triggered the thought.

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