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Re: Getting more vets..

Most of the equine-track vet students currently in vet school would jump at
a chance to come help vet rides (ie, observing, etc, not actual vetting or
treatment).  A good opportunity to practice lameness exams and see metabolic
problems you don't normally see.  But there's no formal program to introduce
endurance riding/vetting to the vet schools and unless there's a clinician
at the school interested in endurance AND vetting rides AND dragging
students out, then the students just don't get exposed to it.

Next year's SAVMA (Student American Veterinary Medical Association)
symposium is going to be at Colorado State, and we're including a hands-on
wet lab to teach endurance vetting to vet students.  But if endurance riders
want students currently in vet school to get interested in endurance
vetting, AERC is going to have to get a lot more proactive about

Susan G

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> Would like to hear more from some of the vet lurkers out there. Not just
> about what drives YOU but what do you think would drive other vets or
> new vets into becoming proficient in vetting and treating horses in
> endurance rides...
> steve shaw

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