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SCID Breeding more..

I personally not being enough educated for SCIDs am leary of remotely 
breeding with that negative in mind. Now perhaps if I was more and more and 
more educated I would maybe perhaps consider it. I just know that there is 
more bang..(no pun intended) for my (horses) buck than breeding with a 
positive SCID stallion. I have recieved more emails about what SCID is so If 
anyone wants to jump in here and give good LAYMANS terms details I am sure 
it would be welcomed.
Haley has old Crabbet and Egyptian lines. from the second string of bedouins 
I have been told. If anyone would like to research her I would gladdly give 
her numbers to someone for kicks.
Until I learn more this year about all the fun stuff of breeding we AINT 
going nowheres!!!
I am doing my research but having to go on tons of hypothesis!!
Carla (lets see X2+Cx4+Q=Y mmm the answer is X)
Ansata (mmm nope nope you for got to add the A squared into the string)
Haley (all else fails X equals three!)
Rob (huh?)
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