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Re: RC: Fwd: RC: Re:Ariat boots

I have a really good story about my 5 year old Ariat Performer Pro's (the top of the line boot in 1996 when I bought them).  I had them in the front seat floor of my car, and I was bringing home left over cream of broccoli soup in a crock pot from a Christmas party when I was cut off and had to slam on my breaks.  The soup sloshed right out of the crock pot, filling my Ariat boots.  I poured out the soup and rinsed the boot out, stuffed them with newspaper and let them dry.  They were as good as new after drying.  I have (twice) had to walk through waist deep water when my special (stupid) gelding wouldn't go through a stream, and when my tempermental (witch) mare balked at a very large puddle. 


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><< I would
> be interested in hearing which styles wear so poorly and which ones people
> >>
>Mine are the original model Performer. They've been great. However, a niece
>had a pair, same model, even same size, and hers shrank until she couldn't
>wear them anymore. I tried to put them on and couldn't even get them on.
>I'd say they shrank a full size. They graduated to my granddaughter who
>wears that size. But it's odd, same boot, same size; hers shrank, mine
>didn't. And mine get wet, too, as our horses all get warm water baths after
>a hard ride (at least on a decently warm day).
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