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Re: RC: RE: Ariant boot quality

Hell Bob, I ride in wolverine work boots now, after getting rid of those
Ariant's. Can't get much more basic than that.  But send me info about Otto
White's boots (privately ) and I'll check into them them. But since I tend to
feel my allegiance to the US Air Farce, er..... that would be the US Air Force,
........ rather than the Corps I'll have to make my own decision - but it sure
won't be Ariant's.


Bob Morris wrote:

> Perhaps it is the leather used and where the boots are made. I use boots
> called a Cowboy Packer from Otto White's Boot shop in Spokane WA. Now these
> are not cheap boots by any means. In the Range of $360 a pair. But the pair
> I have on rigt now are ten years old, have been walked in and ridden in from
> 60 degrees north to 53 degrees south in snow rain desert heat and dryness.
> They look rough as that is how I treat them. They can be had in all sizes
> and widths or custom fitted if necessary. Take a bit of getting used to as
> they are well built with a steel shank for support in the stirrup.
> They can be had in fancier leathers but then we are talking more bucks. But
> when you look at the over all cost 360 over ten years it is quite
> reasonable. They are completely repairable by the factory as well.
> Bob Morris
> PS But then again these might not be your style. Remember I still ride in
> Levi jeans.

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