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sweaty area w/o excercise

Was not sure what to title this, for the best description. I have a horse
that gets a wet, sweaty area, just below his withers, on that "beefy" muscle
without any work. Just standing around, and I noticed that often it will be
damp. And it is only on one side. When worked, this area will sweat first
under the saddle pad on short workouts, before the rest of the area under
the pad has time to start sweating.

It kind of reminds me of what I used to refer to as "second sweats". When
after a good workout, going and checking on a horse, only to see it has
broke out in a damp, but not real hot sweat again. (except this is BEFORE he

So, has anyone dealt with a centralized muscle or area of the body sweating
at random? I have not tried any massage or such yet. Thought I would see
what ideas some of you had first.

Thanks so much,

Jonni No. Texas

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