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Question re: new Saare saddle

I just received my much-anticipated brand new Sharon Saare
saddle!  I am so excited to try it out, and it is just
beautiful!  The craftsmanship looks just awesome and the
seat looks so comfy and inviting...

BUT.... I have a little problem and was wondering if anyone
else who has ordered a new Saare saddle have had the same
thing happen.

Upon taking it out of the box and just handling the saddle
in general (I literally got the saddle via UPS about an hour
ago) my hands are covered in embedded fiberglass particles!
I think it is from the underside of the saddle, where the
fiberglass that covers the tree is exposed in the gullet.
The particles are even in the fleece of the saddle.  This
really hurts - my hands and forearms are covered in a rash
and my skin is on fire - I can feel the little pieces, like
glass, when I rub my hands together or along my arms.

Is this normal because it is new, and will the particles
eventually be gone, or will the particles keep shedding off
of the fiberglass forever?  I'm just sitting here now
staring at my saddle but unwilling to pick it up without
gloves!  I don't want to put it on my horse either or even
put a pad under it for fear of getting fiberglass in my
horse's skin, or embedded forever in a pad.

I'm really upset!

Anybody had this happen?  Any ideas how to get rid of the
particles?  Maybe go over the underside with a really strong
blower or something?


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