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(Fwd) Re: RC: Comfort issues/hydration

to better maintain hydration and lessen the need to find a bush every
20 minutes, I'd not bring plain water on the ride.  Plain water, with
no salts or carbs, has the effect of rapidly diluting your blood. 
Your kidneys sense this dilution and you begin to excrete the fluid. 
By taking drinks with salts, and sugars, your bloods osmolality or
concentration does not fall as rapidly.  Therefore your kidneys do not
sense the dilution, and they tend to hold on to the fluid better. 
Sports drinks might work for you, or slightly diluted fruit juice
[1/3-1/2 water] and a handful of pretzels every half hour or so.  Try
it on your training rides, 1/2 cup every 15 minutes or so, or 1 quart
every 2 hours.  Don't exceed 1 quart per hour, since most people 
absorb the fluid any more rapidly than that.  

Beth Glace, MS
Sports Nutritionist

> Laurie Durgin
> I am planning my first ride this year and want to know if any of you
> ladies have bladder control issues. And how you manage them on a
> ride. I train using ladies napkins, because sometimes I am
> incontinant a bit. (must be fromthe 4 babies) I don't have the
> problem all the time. Of course I can find a bush as  well as
> anyone. Also I seem to  have a smaller bladder than most. I wonder
> how to stay hydrated without needing a pit stop 20 minutes later. I
> stay away from caffeine.It's not as bad in the summer, but I can't
> drink 2 bottles of water in a couple hours without having to find
> several bushes.  Anyone got any PRODUCTIVE tips? NO  old lady jokes
> please!
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