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search archives and harshness of bits

I tried to do a search on the archives and kept getting an error.  Archives
must be down.

I'm not sure if I saw this on Ridecamp or not, but maybe one of you have
seen it and could help me.  I used to have a really good article about the
harshness of bits.  This article asked questions about each bit and assigned
it a number and after you answered all the questions, you were to add up the
numbers that went with the questions and would get a final rating number
which would then correspond to how harsh your bit was.  For instance, if it
had shanks, it was harsher.  If the shanks curved back, it wasn't as harsh
as a bit whose shanks were straight or (heaven forbid) curved forward.

That's the gist of it.  I found it on the internet about 2 years ago.  Just
wanting to look it up again.  A friend and I were debating some merits of
bits and now we're both really curious.

If you know what I'm talking about, please point me in the right direction.

Also, one of the things we were talking about was that the more breaks in
the mouth piece, the easier the bit is.  True?  Like a broken snaffle is
better than a solid mouthpiece?  And that a snaffle broken in 3 pieces (like
a french snaffle or a Dr. Bristol Full Cheek Egg Butt snaffle) is even
better than a snaffle broken in only 2 pieces?  Again, true?  So my friend
said, why not just get a chain mouth piece?  But then I thought that might
be going too far and would end up being harsher than the french snaffle?
Can somebody help straighten me out?

Btw, this is endurance related, cause I'm trying to figure out what bit to
get my new endurance horse.  :)  He'll go in a Little S Hackamore just fine,
but I want to do some schooling in a bit to work on his collection and
rounding of his back.

Thanks for any help you can give.


PS.  I DID get the job in Nashville, so I decided to buy that Arabian.  :)  :---)

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