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RE: Vet Pay Scale (Was: Ride Management)

Further to Kat's comments on why vets are willing to work, we have an
opposite situation with few rides and a good pool of vet STUDENTS who are so
happy to get out and actually practice on healthy horses that we are almost
beating them off with a stick. These kids will work for nothing, and the sad
thing (and one I plan on dealing with) is when some of the established  vets
try to discourage them out of fear for their practice. Vets in Egypt don't
make huge amounts of money, get rotten training on the whole (which is why
the students want to come to our rides to work with older and/or foreign
vets) and are not held in such high esteem except by us endurance folk.
Maybe they need to be cherished....a little adoration can go a long way.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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