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re: ride vet shortage

Teresa Van Hove

Seems to me if ride vets are in short supply the cure is not trying
to outbid other rides for the vets, but to increase the supply of
ride vets.  This is done by recruiting horse vets who are not
already in the system.  Management must add the $20 AERC vet fee to
their costs and take some time to orient the new vet but these are
not huge prices to pay to make sure there are enough vets at the ride.

I realize that this more casual approach is totally against Steve's
desire to have all vets be "AERC certified" but hey if there is a
 shortage of vets than riders probably need to lighten up, remember
that THEY are responsible for their horses well-being; and also remember
that they should be doing the sport to have fun with their horses.
Only the head vet, doing the BC judging should need to have previous
AERC ride vetting experience in MHO, and even then you better keep
in mind that every vet has to judge BC for the 1st time at some point.
I say if folks want only certifed ride vets, they should do FEI. 

Teresa Van Hove,
rider and manager, AERC#M17417 

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