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"Taking Care of Our Own"

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry it's taken me so long to speak up on this forum...  I'm busy
lobbying like a Washington Beltway Politico...

Regarding "Taking Care of Our Own":  We gotten good response so far. 
I've got about 75 emails of support.  AERC members are playing a big
game with this one.  Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to email or

Here's the really big game...Who wants to play?

500 emails or letters of support (one or two sentences is plenty) with
names and AERC numbers by next Tuesday, and 1000 emails and signatures
by Saturday night of the convention in Reno.  These will be carried to
the BOD meeting on Sunday and the project presented for approval.  If we
miss that date, our next opportunity is in October.  Too late!  If you
choose to play, send your email, and take charge of getting us 10 more. 
Contact your Regional Director at a minimum, and let them know that you
support this idea.  Shoot, email or write or call the whole BOD.  The
numbers are in the Endurance News.

A group of us will be meeting on Friday am at the Convention to
coordinate efforts.  The IAHA booth looks like the likely gathering spot
(one of the staffers of that booth said she'd help).  More to follow on
time, etc...  

Anyone want to prepare the petition forms?  We need to be impeccable in
our efforts insuring that we don't have duplicate emails and signatures!
 That work will need to be done Sat. afternoon at the convention.

Let me know!

Lisa Ashbach
AERC #18328

n:Ashbach;Elizabeth L.
org:Cygnet Land Group, LLC
adr;quoted-printable:;;2500 Kechter Rd.=0D=0A;Ft. Collins;CO;80528;
fn:Elizabeth L. Ashbach

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