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ReactorPanel Saddles at AERC

I just realized through a phone call this afternoon that we are missing from
the AERC web site listing vendors at the conference.  This is an oversight;
we WILL be there!

Stop by our booth (#80 and 82) to see the saddles, or to find out about our
Friday evening welcome party.  We'll be in the demo ring on Friday at 11:00
and on Saturday at 1:30.

Hope to see you all there...

The ReactorPanel Saddle Co.

(keep reading for a description of the saddles)

What is ReactorPanel?  It's innovative and adjustable, and it looks just like
a high quality conventional saddle.  Instead of a flocked underside,
ReactorPanel has a pair of panels that sit on each side of the spine.  These
panels are the key to the ReactorPanel system.

The panels distribute weight over a large area of the horse's back and attach
to the saddle with velcro and shock-absorbing disks.  The panels can be
adjusted to custom fit nearly any horse, and can be repositioned as the horse
changes (or for a new horse).  The panels are flexible, and so move out of
the way of the shoulder and undulate with the back to give a truly dynamic
fit.  That is, the panels can move and so they follow the flexing back of a
horse in motion.

There are lots of endurance riders in the RP - including such notables as
Steph Teeter, Wendy Merendini, Steve and Dinah Rojek, Rita Swift and Suzie
Hayes.  Plus plenty other, less famous, folks.

Riders tell us they feel extremely secure and comfortable in an RP, but we
think everyone should make their own decisions, so we have a very liberal
trial policy.  There are 10 different models, including four different
saddles that are popular for trail and endurance.

Check out the saddle that works.

The ReactorPanel Saddle Company
(303) 530-0531

    Check it Out!    

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