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Re: RC: Express Lite OF

I have a two-year-old Express Lite.  Think that may be the latest update version but not positive.  My horses definitely like it better than either the Stubben Tristan or the Big Horn.  Seems like the flexible panels encourage them to bring their backs up more which improves the entire ride.  The saddle is comfortable. You do need to remember to cinch up tighter than with other saddles since the girth will loosen once you are sitting on the saddle. (Learned that one the hard way....spent several months on crutches!)  I am using a skito pad under mine.  Before that I found that the back of the saddle dug in a little going downhill.  Might be a little too long.
The cons against the saddle are:  Leather doesn't seem to be the best quality, especially if compared to the RP or SR Enduro.  Also, after I had had mine for a very short time, my gelding happened to touch a hot wire when we were going through a gate.  He didn't go anywhere, but just his explosive exhaling SNAPPED both billets on the left side.  Sheared them completely in two.
I was very grateful that I had been leading him.  OF was using some kind of plastic encased in leather at the time for billets.  Hopefully not using that anymore.  The point is that the company (not my OF distributor) was not the least bit concerned about it.  Said they'd send me another set (same kind).  I suggested that they do some kind of recall before someone got hurt since if I'd been mounted it could have been disastrous, but they were totally indifferent.  Since I had waited years to get this particular saddle it was disappointing to get poor quality & poor customer service. I had a local saddlemaker put leather billets on for safety. Hope that helps.
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