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taking temperature

After a meeting today with the VP and the project manager from the 
analytical lab (very high tech; very complete lab) my company uses, the VP 
turned to me.  Could I give him some advice on taking a horse's temperature? 
  Of course, but rather than launch into a presentation, we decided to spare 
the other meeting members the details.  I am going to email him with my 
technique.  But, I am curious about methods other horse owners use.

My method is simple:  Usually halter the horse, although with a couple it is 
easy to do while there are eating and unhaltered or tied.  Tie a string to 
the eye of the thermometer, and an alligator clip to the other (at least 12 
inches of string between thermometer and clip). Adjsut the thermometer to 
read low (shake it down).  Clean it with alcohol.  Apply a dab of vasoline 
to insertion end of thermometer.  Stand to the side (usually left rear 
haunch) at rear.  Clip to tail, a good swatch of tail hair, near anus.  Hold 
tail over with left hand, ease right hand with thermometer along horse 
buttocks, then insert, easily.  No forcing, gentle push, leaving only an 
inch exposed.  Wait five minutes. pull out, unfasten clip, wipe off with 
tissue or cotton ball, and read.

Are there any digital devices one can use in liew of a mercury and glass 
thermometer?  Are there any other sites for reading temperature, and with 
what device?


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