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RE: Reactor Panel saddles

The only drawbacks I found is that if there are any problems with the saddle
fit it's due to rider/fitter error.  But that's the good thing about
the saddle, it is so versitile in fit that you don't have to worry about
having to send it back to the factory to get it reworked or having
a saddler reflock it.  I spent part of Saturday fussing with the fit
on my guy after getting new velcro.  The velcro is strong, but it is
very important not to delaminate it too often because it does lose it's
adhesion.  I had a demo saddle so the velcro was a little "used".  But the
velcro was very easily "replaced" by just velcroing another layer of velcro
right over the existing.

So all of the above are the only drawbacks I have had with the saddle and
I could live with them because the saddle absolutely works for me and Beau.
I am less fatigued riding in this saddle than I am with any other saddle,
and Beau's trot has become incredibly strong with it! So far all leather
and everything else is showing to be very durable after a years worth of
riding.  It's the only saddle that has worked with Beau, and I have tried


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Kirstin Lightfoot
I'm interested in getting feedback from anyone who has had experience
with ReactorPanels.  What is their durability like?
Advantages/Disadvantages?  I would love any input on this product!

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