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In a message dated Tue, 20 Feb 2001 11:18:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< In a message dated 2/18/01 12:36:16 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Aha!  A man finally realizes!  Not only are we house cleaners, cooks, 
 laundresses, maids, waitresses, but we are also nurses, vets, animal 
 gardeners, chauffers, fetch & carriers, shoppers, bookkeepers, computer 
 operators, secretaries, correspondents, horse trainers, fence builders, 
 clearers, trail builders....have I left anything out?  >>

Yea, but how many of ya can change a tire or the oil in your truck?  How many 
know which direction to turn that bolt to tighten or to loosen?  How many 
know how long it takes to barbecue that steak to get it "medium rare"?

And how many women know how to drive your rig in loose sand without getting 
stuck?  Most of you do know what to do after you get stuck in that deep sand. 
 Get a man.  >>

Well, Howard, after five years of marriage to (and yippee! divorce from!) a man who sat on the couch and watched TV while I did all those things (by the way, I can also change a starter, a fan belt, a thermostat, hoses, and a great many other things on my truck, as well as back my big gooseneck up with precision to a cattle chute or a tiny parking place, and I'm sure dragging a flatbed loaded with hay in deep snow is JUST as much fun as sand), it was nice to finally marry a REAL man--one who can do all those things and still cook, clean, and launder when necessary.

BTW, Howard--how fast can you chain up all four tires on a 4WD and put a third pair on your trailer???  Hint:  The faster you can do it, the less frozen your fingers get.  And I had to educate the MEN in the family to the fact that if you are smart enough, you keep the chains in the CAB of your rig so they are warm and not iced up when you start, and you can go even FASTER and keep your fingers even LESS cold!

Heidi (wife, but not limited to the house...)

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