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Need advice-must work Chico HARD! soon.

Ray O.
  You all are the experts,and here's my problem.Of neccesity,I will put about 35-40 semi-fast miles per day on my horse every day for about 5 days in a row,in a week or so.He is worked only sporadically.He's an endure-er ,bt if he is "in shape" it's because he just sort of stays that way on his own.I treat him as well as I know how,give electrolytes,and hose his legs at day's end unless it is very cold.I hose him all over if I finish early and IF it is warm.The miles are fast,but with lots of stop and go and long rests;as much as an hour or more.Lots of cantering.I feed him lightly at mid-day;e-lytes at mid-day.NZ wool/canvas blanket at nite.I feel bad about the regime he lives with:work hard as hell sporadically,rough terrain rest(free acess barn)all the rest of the time,but that is how it is.Any suggestions?He's a high mileage boy,with areputation for endurance,but he's 14,and cow hocked,and i want to do what i can for him.

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