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Re: RC: corrosion

In a message dated 2/10/01 9:30:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

elayne hnic452@AOL.COM

I had one of the original Feathlites that I bought new in 1986.  The floor
started looking whitish and had a couple of tiny pinholes in it.  I panicked
and was going to have the whole floor replaced with a wood floor.  My trailer
guy wanted to try some coating that they had used on the space ships and made
me a deal that if it did not work he would replace the floor for the costs of
the supplies only.  He did not want to take the whole floor out because he
said it was still the strongest floor he had seen in years.  The problem is
that the urine tends to react with the aluminum.  My mats were so heavy I
could not move them and since the trailer had not drainage, it did not help.  
I used shavings all the time in the trailer.  He also drilled a couple of
small drainage holes in the floor.  I sold the trailer when it was 13 1/2
years old for only $1500 less than I paid for it originally and it is still
out there.  maryben

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