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Re: RC: RD Article

In a message dated 02/09/2001 11:25:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< It's not that I don't think RD deserves a good article written about him, 
 problem is I hope that EN takes the time to write about other stallions 
 What I would like to see are articles on the Tevis winners, or on the War 
 Mare winner, or on Stallion award winner. What I would also like to see are 
 articles on long time breeders and bloodlines. There are many newbies in 
 sport who have no idea who Bezatal was so why not write articles on them? Or 
 the history behind how endurance began?  >>

Excellent idea, and one that EN hopes to put into action.  We need to 
determine how to get the articles and who will write them.  Shouldn't be too 
hard to do.....


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