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Re: Glucosamine & Condroitin

Carol Burgess wrote:
> Everyone should know when feeding glucosamine and chondroitin, that they
> can be fed in combination, but should not be fed together.  The ideal is 
> to feed glucosamine in the AM and chondroitin in the PM.  You get additive
> benefits if fed in combination, but if fed together (in the same meal) 
> they actual conflict with each other.  I don't know the reasons for this,
>  but I do know that this is for horses, dogs and people.  P.S. - I don't 
> think this stuff is legal, but it works great.  I have a 23 year old mare
> who is sound because of these nutraceticals.

Hi Carol,

You are right.  These supplements work great.  However, if you are going
to post about a problem like feeding them together, it would be helpful
if you could indicate the source of this information.  Many top manufacturers
combine the ingredients (and the most effective ones add MSM to the mix),
so this is quite a statement you've made here.

Cosequin, probably the most expensive supplement on the market and
the one with the "patent", advises having both in the same dose.

Being a skeptic, I'm not incline believe your little piece of information
you have "heard from somewhere".  I'd much rather have you provide
a reference to the study that shows the added affects of feeding them
seperately, and / or the reduction of effectiveness when fed together.

As for the "legality" of these supplements, MSM is definately not legal.
It has an anti-inflamitory affect and anyone who needs that kind of
affect in their horse should not be entering an endurance ride.

My oppinion for CS and GAGS, which I have forwarded to the AERC BOD
in the past and posted here for 5 years now, is that they are in the
same vein as wormers and good quality vitamins.  CS and GAGS will not
reduce inflamation, kill pain, or "hide" and injury, but they can help a
hard working endurance horse recover from stress and continue down
the trail with healthy joints for many many years... definately what we
are looking for.

As for where this fits under the AERC Zero Drug Policy, you will have to
refer to those with more experience than I have.

Kathy Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... resident endurance Arab

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