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RD ARticle

Well Donna didn't tell us anything new. The basic points I'm trying to
make are:
1) The editor should not try to pawn off an advertisement like this as
an article which implies something.. Since it was paid for to be written
and it and the ad were comps for past favors, then it should have been
noted as an advertisement.

2)What is the basis for fair play with the rest of us? Or the other
stallions? Who do we cut the deal with? What are the rates? What do I do
about my mare Clown who I can't donate a simple (cheap) breeding.

I just want some standards here and not to have  Endurance News go the
route that the infomercial Trail Blazer has....

(Michele says for me to shut up and just go riding....) I will.

THat's enough out of me.... steve

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