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pre-registration fees

I have been a barrel racer for about 35 years or more.  The last few years
the number and quality of barrel races have improved greatly and the money
in it is great.  We would pay $100 to $250 for a entry fee,and since we
train horses would have 2-3 horses entered, pay a month in advance and if
something happens you just loose that entry.  A couple of years ago I had
pre entered a barrel race, $150 entry, and the farrier was shoeing one of
my horses and cut her way too short just a couple of days before the race
and not only did I pay this guy to hurt my horse (had been told he was
good and we were out of state) but I lost my entry and had to pay to have
my horse reshod correctly later.

When I first got into endurance riding, I was always trying to pre enter
and pre pay and the managers told me not to.  I was shocked since I was so
conditioned to have to enter and pay with money orders no less a month in
advance.  All barrel races aren't like this but most of the bigger ones
are where they will have 100-300 or more entries.

Any way I don't blame managers for wanting to know how many riders they
will be having.  If you have to pre pay you are going to think a lot
harder about canceling because of some reason.  I would hate to try and
manage a ride and have no idea how I would do. 

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