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Re: RC: ride fees

If a $15 non-refundable deposit is all that's required, I certainly
wouldn't complain!!  I show and here's the breakdown of fees BEFORE you
even get to the class fees and it's ALL non-refundable unless w/o a vet's
note and even then, office & stall fees won't be coming back.
(this is just a local Class A show, nothing real fancy)

Stall:		$50.00
Office fee:	$15.00/per horse
AHSA Fee:	$8.00/per horse
IAHA Res. 9-90 Fee: $3.00

  over $75 per horse of non-refundable fees.  Class fees run around $15 -
$25.  Then you have to get shavings for the stall ($6.00/bag).  If you
show halter, forget about any prize money for winning unless it's a
Regional or National show.  Breaking even is a near impossiblilty for
most showgoers, but we do it because we love to ride, and compete and
show off our horses.  Pretty much similar reasons everyone here does
endurance.  It's all about the horse.  Endurance is CHEAP compared to

Tall C Arabians -- TX

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