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Oh oh, here comes another can of ascarids, roundworms and bots!!!  I have
used a Boz for the last 14 years and on an extraordinary amount and types
of horses.  everything form a 12 hand pony up[ to a 17 hand warmblood.  I
have  1000miles on my old buckskin and love it when the vets come up and
check my horses' backs as they NEVER have a problem.  I used this saddle
on 3 different Arabs last year while taking them through they're first
rides, LD's, and one was 13'2, no withers, one was 15 hands, big dude,
and fat, and one was a very nice 15"1' Arab -saddlebred.  Not a problem
with any.  I guess I can't see Michael Jordan playing basketball in
wooden shoes.  A horse's back DOES flex and move--anyone ever felt a
horse hump up, or one raise it's back when properly collected??  the BOZ
tree is designed after the old Fallis balanced ride saddles developed by
Monte Foreman, and until I got a BOZ, that is what I used.  They were
terrific.  It is what Jim Jones (Most miles stallion Award) used on
Rowel.  Rowel was 14'2" and carried 220lbs. rider and tack.  
I use my BOZ to train, endurance ride, team pen and team sort, jumping
and gymkhanas.  It also stopped the excruciating pain I used to have in
my knees.  Actually, my old horse and I started to top ten after I got my
Boz saddle.  There are other riders out there using these saddles and one
lady grudgingly said she hated it but had to use it as it was the only
saddle that didn't sore her horse!!!
Happy and dusty trails. Renie Burnett

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